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Almonds are one of them most cherished foods of the local Uygur people. Most almonds are produced in the Tianshan Mountains and the surrounding counties of Yengisar, Shache, Yecheng and Nan Kashi. When early autumn comes the orchards grown thick with greenish-yellow flowers of the almond trees and soon many people will flock to the orchards to collect the nuts.

According to plant taxonomy the almond is technically the pit of a peach, not an apricot as many believe. The almonds native to Xinjiang were  first introduced to China from Persia (now Iran) more than 1300 years ago. The almond trees of Xinjiang have adapted to the local climate, differing from other almonds in the amount of sugar contained in the fruit and nut. The relative scarcity of water increases the sugar content and makes the nuts taste noticeably sweeter than other varieties. The most notable types of almonds grown in Xinjiang are the pista badam“, the ka kazi badam  and the shakal badam.

Local Uygur people use almonds as a traditional fitness supplement, as they are rich in protein. Some people eat almonds before going to sleep, claiming that they prevent dreams and keep the sleeper from moving about while in bed.

Almonds are widely used in medicine, with local people using them to treat such ailments as high blood pressure, nerve weakness, skin allergies, and bronchitis. In some U.S. hospitals almond powder is used to treat diabetes and epilepsy in children.

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