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The Xinjiang Fig or sankoh, has been called many things. The local Uygur people call them “Angels” for their sweet taste and nutritional value and history books have refered to them as “culinary couriers”. Xinjiang Figs originated in West Asia, and were introduced to China before the Tang Dynasty, after which they spread in cultivation and popularity.  Figs contain high fructose, acid, protein, and vitamins.

Xinjiang Figs are widely grown from the Tarim Basin to the famed Fig Garden at Atushi, which cultivates more than 200 acres of figs annually. Xinjiang Figs are sweet, with a taste not disimilar to honey and are very rich in nutrients. They have a yellow color and an oval shape, but can be easiliy missed due to the eye-catching beauty of the fig tree’s flower. Cultivation of Xinjiang Figs is an acient occupation around the Tarim Basin and many local people still make their living today by growing figs. The figs are often eaten fresh, but can also be enjoyed dried or as a jam.

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